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DIGITAL MARKETING – How it is applied and why it is in the top trendings?

Updated: May 12, 2022

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With great technological advances and the growing number of consumers inside the Internet, digital marketing has only increased, and in the UFRJ Nautilus is not different.

But you must be wondering:

What is Digital Marketing?!

It is characterized as the use of some tools, such as the social networks, to get closer to the public, that is, it needs to have a communication that allows this proximity to happen. Some companies use that strategy to gain more clients and improve their relationship with them, causing an increase in the company’s profitability. Some strategies must be drawn up to get answers, this will be important during the construction of the work.

Strategies for using the marketing

One of the most used strategies, especially in pandemic times, is the use of social networks, which can be a good quick response tool once your followers can provide answers in time. But it is important to structure this strategy well for it to be successful and, especially, for greater engagement in the communication channel in which the team/company is using.

So let’s go with more tips!

Want more tips, @? So there you go!

  1. Building the Buyer Persona

The Buyer Persona is nothing more than a semi-fictitious profile that will be based on your real audience. It is used to represent your ideal consumer, that is, the public you want to reach (target audience). Usually, for social networks, it is common to use, as a general audience, teenagers who have an average of 15 years and also young adults, encompassing even more this social body. In the case of the UFRJ Nautilus, the target audience would be young university students, whether from UFRJ or other universities, who want to know more about AUVs and drones in general. So, it is concluded that, with this concept, it is easier to draw up some actions and several ideas to help spread that profile, whether on Instagram, Facebook, or other channels.

2. Keyword

By knowing your buyer persona you will know which kind of content is being consumed by them. With that, we are able to make a list of themes that can be approached and facilitate the optimization of the content. The keywords help, mainly, in a possible search for the content on the Internet, by what most attracts this target audience, etc. An example of a keyword that is used a lot is, generally, a word related to the content you are posting. In the UFRJ Nautilus team, you can see words like AUV, Nautilus, RoboSub, or even something related to the areas present within the team like drone, 3D printing, among other topics.

3. Goals and objectives

Without a well-defined objective, it will be impossible to start!

It is important to have a well-defined goal, so you can define what your goals are. Making a schedule to reach some of the goals is important. One issue that is also good to highlight is to plan some goals that are “tangible” at the beginning. Moreover, you can even think about which problems you would like to solve, how do you want to reach that audience, which hashtags to use, what do you want to convey with your content, plan if they will be done weekly or monthly, what would be the period of each of these goals, and other aspects. One of the great goals that you need to keep in mind is that you need something that, no matter how simple, captures the attention of a virtual society that continuously sees everything like a series of information that passes through a flow of its own and at a very high speed.

4. Metrics

Analyzing what will be the metrics for your business is important. In other words, it is necessary to have a parameter to build your dissemination or even show the virtual world what your goals are in that society. Depending on which network is used the metrics can change. At UFRJ Nautilus, both Instagram and Facebook are used. However, Instagram has been used much more often. In this social media, there is a kind of algorithm that works like a general evaluator of its content. This algorithm contributes so that, by realizing what that profile likes or dislikes to see, and how the public who follows that content reacts, it can be something that adds or not. Whether it is posts and/or videos in general, depending on the way it is presented, there will be an excellent engagement or a lesser flow of reactions than before.

Written by: Lívia Macedo and Priscila Barcellos


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