In People and Management we do all the performance assessment of the team, map out the goals set and take the necessary steps so that all are successfully achieved.

We are responsible for:

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- Raising funds for our team to remain active and producing cutting edge Brazilian technology;

- Search for sponsors and partners who want to be part of reaching the future, believing and encouraging innovation.

- The entire internal organization and our communication, always striving to develop organizational forms that facilitate and encourage the implementation of innovation projects.


We are divided into two areas, external and internal:

1) External: Where we make contact with companies, the press, and other institutions in order to raise funds, disseminate the team among society and exchange knowledge and dissemination among other university institutions and competition teams;

2) Internal: Organization of our internal projects, helping members of the technical areas to communicate with each other, involving the 3 areas, recording the events of the meetings, the knowledge produced, and solving possible problems in the best possible way.

Our management values ​​our human capital, all our students from different areas of knowledge, who contribute to the success of UFRJ Nautilus, and make all of this possible.



Giovana Veiga

-Management Coordinator-


Sylvia Kremer


Lidia Paúra



Victor Prado


Rodrigo Mello



Felipe Gurgel