In the UFRJ Nautilus Marketing area, we have the mission of strengthening and maintaining communication between our audience and the team itself. In addition, it is important to maintain a good presentation of the team, so that the community, not only students, but also scientific and of possible sponsors, will see our potential and be interested in the project carried out.


The Marketing area is the most diversified of the team and includes members of several undergraduate courses - not only Engineering, which allows an expanded view of opinion and concepts in our meetings, which take place weekly and in ideas for greater promotion of the team for the University and the world.


To promote constant communication and image of the team, we have some sub-areas such as:

1) Metrics analyst for our social networks: responsible for analyzing data, adjusting metrics and strategies to improve the possible engagement of our content and, in addition, monitors the competition;

2) Design: subarea that produces graphic arts for our social networks, production and editing of videos, maintaining the aesthetics of the website and Sponsor Plan;

3) Social media manager: interacts with followers and, in addition, schedules the content of the day;

4) Copywriter: members responsible for writing the texts demanded on social networks;


Several areas to promote greater efficiency and to solidify our content calendar for our media in order to keep those who always accompany us with content and also make UFRJ students interested and want to be part of the UFRJ Nautilus team!

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Fernanda Torres

-Marketing coordinator-

David Almeida


Juliana Nicolazzi


Gabriel Nunes



Ana Luisa


Pedro Roque


Thaissa Lucena


Enzo Barros



Livia Yohana


Maria Eduarda