In Marketing, we aim to narrow the geographical barrier between us, the team, and the public that is interested in our project.



For this reason, we believe that our area is the gateway to Nautilus, after all, the more we become visible, the greater the chances of growing with future sponsors and the community in general.

In this area, which is very important for the team, we have a composition that presents a certain diversity of members when it comes to the course that each one studies. As much as it is a team geared towards engineering students, we also have courses such as architecture, design and public management, which corroborates a scenario from different points of view.


Weekly, we have a meeting between us, where the next posts or ideas to promote greater interaction on our social networks are discussed.

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We are divided into four sub-areas: copywritter, design, social media metrics analyst and community mananger.

1) Copywritter: Writes and edits texts for blog and social media posts;

2) Design: Production of graphic arts for social media, production and editing of videos, publishing of internal pieces;

3) Social Media metrics analyst: Analyzes data, makes metric adjustments, curates content and monitors competition;

4) Community mananger: Interaction of followers, follows and unfollows, scheduling posts.



Cecília Lobo

-Marketing coordinator-


Pedro Melo


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Manuela Castelan


Fernanda Torres



José Henrique


Rodrigo Borges



David Almeida