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Our Team

The lateral view of a black submarine

UFRJ Nautilus is a team from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro focused on technology and innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles. Created in 2016, our main domain and current focus is the development of Autonomous Submarine Vehicles (AUV's), which are unmanned robots that perform their tasks completely independently.

This type of vehicle appears as a need for innovation for the subsea market, which had as its first revolution the substitution of divers in various tasks by remotely controlled subsea robots (ROVs) and now sees itself with the objective of automating this technology while maintaining the same quality. As a validation of our AUV project, we participated in RoboSub, an international competition organized by RoboNation that takes place annually in the city of San Diego in the United States and brings together teams from all over the world to solve the problems proposed with AUV's. 

A computer monitor representing the software area
A megaphone representing the marketing area
A men representing the management area
A gear representing the hydrodynamics and mechanics team
A processor that represents the electronics area

Hydrodynamics and Mechanics are in charge of the structure in general ,guaranteeing the auv tightness and its resistance by making use of softwares such as SolidWorks and Ansys.

Marketing is the area whose responsibility is to build a link between team members, the student community, teachers and sponsors. In addition, promoting the team's image in order to attract the interest of the public that appreciates science, technology and innovation.

The Management is responsible for maintaining the internal organization ,the team 's documentation and the contact with sponsors. It's also responsible for the financial part

The electronics area is responsible for the communication between the mechanics and the software of the AUV. It consists of PCBs, internal and external sensors, battery power and an internal computer.

The software area develops the code embedded in the AUV, being responsible for programming the control, localization and execution of the robot's tasks.

The lateral view of a black submarine
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