Hydrodynamics and Mechanics

The Hydrodynamics and Mechanics area, as the name implies, comprises physical principles regarding the behavior of bodies submerged in water, but aims to give its members versatility, making them learn about mechanical manufacturing procedures in practice, such as :

- Generation of technical drawings;

- Selection of fastening elements;

- Specification of materials;

- And handling machine tools for machining parts.

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As we are in no way able to let the water get into the AUV, a member of HidroMec undergoes intense training to learn how to select and calculate the design of O’Rings, our main sealing element.

Currently, the area is divided into two lines of work:

1) Simulation: The members of this subarea are responsible for using the Ansys program to simulate the mechanical efforts that the robot will undergo for the best preparation and choice of material for our parts. In addition, they also perform fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) that will provide us with a better view of how the water drag will act on the AUV structure, on the torpedoes and on the propellants used in the competition.

2) Creation and Innovation: It is the sub-area responsible for idealizing the team's future HidroMec projects, such as our next AUV. What their projects are based on is the union of references in the current robotics market with our internal demands. These members are also tasked with modeling and generating the technical drawings of the most varied parts of the robot, using the Solid Works tool.

It is important to note that both sub-areas work together. When the Creation and Innovation area decides, for example, that our next lids must be made of high-density plastic, the Simulation area, aware of the efforts and environmental conditions in which these parts will be inserted, will analyze in the simulations whether it is subject to acceptable deformation and whether the maximum stress will not be able to provide irreversible fractures. Consequently, the HidroMec area is able to prepare future professionals with very different knowledge.



Lara Figueiredo

-Hydrodynamics and

Mechanics's Coordinator-

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Vinicius Feijó


Rafael Gallo



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