RoboSub is the biggest international competition of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, that seeks to open new paths to autonomous navigation, encouraging the Autonomous Technology development over the world. 

As representatives of South America, Nautilus does its best to reach the finals, being the first place our biggest goal.​

In the images below you can see the pool where RoboSub takes place, in the American Navy, San Diego, California.

At the RoboSub competition, the Nautilus Team need to complete several tasks that simulate real-life situations.


Some of the tasks that we must complete are 

​- Identification of colors and images that modify the course of the competition.


​- Emerge at specific points

​- Signal capture

And there is also some optional tasks that the team is working to be able to complete with our new 2020 AUV in the 2021 competition, those are

- Torpedo Launching  

- Drop Markers  

- Complete tasks with a Mechanical Arm


See more of RoboSub and our Team in the 2019 competition. 

Nautilus timeline at previous RoboSubs

2017: Recess year to manufacture, assemble and improve BrHue

2019: Our third competition!

-BrHue Project

-Semifinals were reached

2016: Our first competition!

-Vovozão Project

2018: Our second competition!

-BrHue Project

-Semifinals were reached