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Ocean Infinity will do AUV research for Petrobras

Updated: May 7, 2021

Ocean Infinity, an oceanic exploration company just announced that its partner, Cepemais, has signed a contract to provide hydrographic mapping for Petrobras.

Ocean Infinity said the project would include the Campos, Espirito Santo, and Santos basins and would see them working under contract with Cepemais to map an area with over 5000Km2 and inspect 12000Km of ducts.

Operating from Ocean Infinity's ship, the company's Autonomous Underwater vehicles (AUVs) will work in depths of 50 to 3000 meters. The AUVs are not bound to the vessel during operations, allowing them to go deep and gather higher quality data for the research. Work will start in mid-2019 and the contract will last for 3 years.


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