The AUV electronics project was developed with the aim of creating a modular vehicle using inexpensive and easy to find components.

The area members make use of software such as Altium Designer for the development of Printed Circuit Boards, in addition to applying the knowledge of electrical circuits to develop systems capable of providing electrical protection to the robot and acquiring data from the sensors.

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To guarantee results, we produce the following systems:

1) Voltage Switching: Responsible for delivering the necessary power for each of the vehicle's components.

2) Electrical Protection: Directly related to voltage switching, this system is responsible for maintaining healthy batteries and providing electrical and thermal protection for the robot.

3) Signal processing: Responsible for acquiring the data from the sensors and treating them in a way that the computer understands.

4) Internal and external communication network: Responsible for making data sending protocols feasible, both between the robot's internal elements and between the robot and the external environment.

5)Engaging the engines: Responsible for controlling the starting of the engines.


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Lucas Alexandre

-Electronics coordinator-

Gabriel Guimarães



Tonny Francis


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Iago Oliveira


Eduardo Bruno



Gilson Paulino



Breno Cesar


Augusto Lauande