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The Nautilus Team

Who is
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UFRJ Nautilus is the only South American team to participate in RoboSub - the largest international competition for Autonomous Submarine Vehicles that takes place in the United States annually. Every year we continue to improve our projects and develop technology to put Brazil in a prominent position in the production of autonomous technology.

Our mission is to compete and innovate. Always reaching new goals and challenges.

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Our areas

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Software is responsible for the robot's intelligence and decision making. Software members are responsible for applying and developing algorithms that allow the autonomous navigation of our AUV as well as the research, and development of new ones. 

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In the marketing area, we strengthen and maintain communication between our audience and the team itself. In addition, we aim to maintain a good presentation of the team, so that the community sees the potential and is interested in the team project.

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A men representing the management area


In Management we do all the performance assessment of the team, map out the goals set, and take the necessary steps so that all are successfully achieved. We are responsible for raising funds so that our team remains active, looking for sponsors and partners who want to believe and encourage innovation.

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The area is responsible for integrating the mechanical parts to the software developed for the AUV and developing systems to acquire the external data from the sensors, in addition to elaborating the internal communication of the robot and ensuring the electrical safety of all its internal components.

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A gear representing the hydrodynamics and mechanics team

Hydrodynamics and mechanics

Hydrodynamics and Mechanics ensure tightness and mobility of the AUV.​ We are responsible for developing the AUV structural components and the locomotor systems.